The story is told in a dark age where myths come true and monsters come out of the darkness to benefit from men's fear. There was a time when a distant relative of Count Dracula woke up every 30 years to be able to have the most beautiful young woman in Romania as his wife. His name was Vampixel.
In 1450, Vampixel rises from his immortal sleep and begins to probe the villages of Romania in search of his new bride and, in Sinaia, in Peles Castle, he meets Helena, the most beautiful maiden of that place.
But it will not be easy for Vampixel, for Helen lives in a castle heavily guarded by archers, knights and members of a religious sect who plan to hand her over. Not much is known about these fanatics, but their methods are quite orthodox.
To achieve his goal, Vampixel will need to fight against forces of good and evil and unravel the mysteries of the sect led by the monk Lucius.


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Jump = Key "UP"

Control Character =  Key "LEFT" = Left / Key "RIGHT" = Right

Cancel Bat = Key "DOWN"

Shot = "SPACE"

Become a Wolf = "Shift" Pressed